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"Sister Perpetua's" Pics

Pictures from the nun, Irish harper & her brother These are Sister Perpetua's pictures from Cain's Crossing in May, 2008. They are of the singing harper trio, though & don't have many from your troupe. (There is no way that the good sister could have smuggled a camera in when the gates were open, but I thought you may want to see them.)

(Admin note: These were the three that Danse Macabre stopped and danced with during one of their street performances. They used us as "props" during a song they were doing where everybody dies. Repeatedly. :-) Because of that (and since we don't at the time these were uploaded have any other pictures from this Faire), I decided to allow these here in this instance, even though they don't specifically feature us. Typically, we want pictures in these galleries to actually include us in some fashion.)

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    Ken Pinkela said: Our most beloved member...Brownie, wet from the rain.
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